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Welcome all women in transition. 

Do you feel liberated beyond your wildest imagination?  Do you have so many emotions banging around inside of you that make no sense? Does the process of this transition seem more intense than it should? Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your beloved, or your children if you have them? You, dear one, are in the midst of one of the most transformative experiences of your life.

It is important to remember that:

Love is why you are here.

It is also important to remember that however you may be feeling as you prepare for this time in your life, it is all normal and okay.

You want to remain grounded and present.


Often, during times of momentous transition, you need a little (or a lot) of extra support. Let me offer that to you. I work with women like you who want to make a conscious transition in their lives:

Recently or long-term engaged women

Emotional support and preparedness for the wedding day and settling into commitment and/or marriage

Support during marriage, for the challenges of commitment

Pregnant mothers preparing for labor and birth

New mothers

Postpartum depression, highs and lows

Single Mothers

Transitioning into single motherhood

Depression, anxiety, and stress related to these transitions

There are not many choices in the way of socially acceptable ways to transitions into marriage, or new motherhood, or single motherhood . Our society doesn’t have rituals for the “single” woman to have a deep sacred experience. We all have expectations about how it is appropriate to act during these times, and yes, we all nod our heads when we hear that it’s stressful. But what is under all that stress? The inevitable snafoos and family stuff…..but those are all symbolic of the inner transformation that is taking place in the psyche. And because we don’t have a meaningful outlet, we get STRESSED.

You want to feel grounded and present, right? You want to feel you can keep your wits about you and meet each challenge gracefully. You yearn for time to deeply take care of your emotional life in the midst of your already full life. Bottom line, you want to feel empowered as you step into this new life and new identity.


You’ve come to the right place because it is my business to help you have an empowered experience as you prepare for or move through these big transitions. I offer a place where all that inner crazy has room to become more than just stress, it becomes sacred. In our work together we find names for all the feelings that stress is. Together, through art making, metaphor, and ritual we will unravel your inner journey.


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