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Creation = Art

Creation = Therapy

Therefore art and therapy are synonomous. That is my simple definition of art therapy, one long-held since my childhood even before I knew what therapy was. Any creation, not just with pastels on paper or paint on canvas, is art; and any art can be transformative and therefore, therapeutic. In our work together we will use writing, words and the fiber arts to uncover deeper and deeper truths about you.


You do not need to be an “artist” in the traditional or professional sense to benefit from art therapy, and particularly fiber-arts art therapy. You only need to be open and follow your intuition. I am a fiber-arts art therapist, working mainly with tactile fiber arts practices including knitting, weaving, hand-sewing, embroidery, and beading. We will use guided imagery and meditation techniques to draw out your ideal vision of your transition. Visualization can be a powerful experience, not just for receiving inner guidance, but also for the basis of creating art. Here are some of the topics we may explore together: – Exploration of introjects. Introjects are beliefs about what we hold as true, they are the stories we tell ourselves. examples of thes are: What is your belief about marriage and commitment? What isn’t it? What messages did your family of origin give to you about marriage and commitment? We will examine these and deconstruct them so that they don’t have so much power over your current experience.

– Exploration of fears and hopes in relation to marriage and commitment

– Letting go of the past. Past relationships. Forgiveness and ritual.

– Discuss wedding trends. Authenticity? Who is the authority?

– Dealing with overwhelm. Cultivate coping strategies and self-soothing techniques.

– Remembering partnership and love. What brought you here? Where are you now? Where are you headed?

** As requested I also do offer traditional materials used in the art therapy process such as paint, clay, chalk, oil pastels and other drawing materials.



Art therapy as a healing modality, relies heavily on the process of sublimation, which refers to the process of working with our emotions and feelings in order to move beyond them. This process can help to form and/or strengthen inner resources such as the ability to tolerate frustration, to conceptualize consequences before taking action, to allow feelings of pleasure and love, delay gratification, hold multiple perspectives, and to feel emotions without overwhelm. These inner resources allow us to take responsibility for our actions and to make mature, responsible decisions.

For more information about Art Therapy, you can visit the American Art Therapy Association. 


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