Have you gone dizzy sifting through bridal magazines because everything looks the same? Or gone cross-eyed on Pinterest for the same reason?  Or have you not even wanted to go there – no, no, no. You’ve got a vision right?

Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! I know you want your dress to be created especially for you and know that it is the only dress of its kind in the world!

Custom Gown construction

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Questionnaire to fill out when you book your complimentary 60-minute consultation. The questionnaire helps me get to know a little bit about you before we meet – I like to know your engagement story, your personal style, how you describe yourself, etc.
  2. 60-minute consultation. You tell me all about your vision. I ask lots of questions, draw a bunch of sketches, show you fabrics, etc. It’s a party!
  3. Cotton mock-up of your dress for the purposes of fitting and design details for custom dresses.
  4. Initial design appointment in the dress for re-designs. Initial fitting in the dress for custom dresses.
  5. 4-7 additional fitting appointments to ensure your dress is fitting it’s best.
  6. Final fitting! Celebrate, well wishes and I send you on your way!
It’s an intimate process, we spend lots of hours together. Getting to know who you are on the inside so that your individuality and personality may be expressed in the design of your gown is the essence of my business. It’s my job to know you well enough to bring your unique vision to your inspired wedding dress.

I will love you like a friend by the time we have to say goodbye!

I hope you are as excited as I am!

PS. And just a little nod to “haute couture”, the kind of garment making that includes hours and hours of labor, exquisite fabrics, impeccable design and flawless craftsmanship. Literally translated, the French phrase haute couture means “sewing at a high level”. In Europe, where “haute couture” is alive and well, hand-sewing is an essential tool in creating exquisite gowns. The first skill I learned and utilized as a designer and seamstress was hand-sewing. This is where my love affair with sewing began and remains to this day!

While my studio is not a couture house, I do model my work after those famous design houses and strive to offer you the same qualities in your experience and finished wedding dress.







Maggie Evans Designs