Do you have an heirloom dress you would like to wear for your big day?

Would you like to honor your mother, mother-in-law or grandmother by wearing her dress?

Boulder Custom Wedding Dress Designs

I work with you to use the dress as a whole, give it a fresh update, or use only elements from the vintage dress (such as putting the old buttons on a new dress).

Dresses that are two small can be made larger and larger dresses can easily be taken in.

Sometimes only pieces of the vintage dress are salvageable and useable. Consider adding these to a new dress as accents. Or use the pieces to make a memorable veil.

It’s best to have a vintage gown dry-cleaned before the re-designing process. This way we wil know if there are any stains that aren’t going anywhere.

How it works:

1. Each wedding dress re-design begins with a complimentary 45 minute consultation. This gives us a chance to meet and see if we’d be a good fit to work on creating your dream dress. This is also a time for you to show me your dress and share your ideas. (No designing takes place at the consultation).

2. When you decide to have your dress re-designed, a 50% deposit is required and your first design meeting is scheduled. At this meeting, we jump into the nitty gritty. We will begin designing your dress from head to toe by talking about all the different aesthetic and fitting options possible. This helps me understand what you envision for your dress as well as the more technical aspects to your project. A sketch will be made and an estimate presented*. Will re-design projects, it is typical for things to change a bit as the project goes on, but the intention of this design meeting is to get as close an idea to the end product as possible.

3. 1st fitting will be to try on the first version of your redesigned dress. Further fittings and adjustments are typical.

4. 2nd fitting will be to try on the second version of your dress and usually the end product is in sight.

5. Your final fitting is to make sure your dress is fitting perfectly and all the details are just as you want them.

*estimates are subject to change based on any modifications or changes made after the design meeting.

It’s my job to know you and your heirloom well enough to bring your unique vision to your inspired wedding dress. 




Maggie Evans Designs