“We arrived at Maggie Evans Designs to begin my daughter’s search for her wedding gown, expecting this to be the first excursion of many. Leah tried on the first gown and we all loved it. Then she tried on the second dress, and it was PERFECT!!! We couldn’t help ourselves. We all loved it. Just to be sure, we went on to another larger bridal shop. She tried on many dresses, but none even came close.
We went to brunch. We talked, compared impressions, and it was unanimous. My daughter, Leah, the bride, usually likes to take a long time looking and comparing and then slowly making a decision. But she was sure and it was unanimous. This is the dress! We all appreciated Maggie’s careful listening and her professional advice about style, fabric, color. She showed Leah a range of different styles and made helpful suggestions for alterations that would make each unique. Maggie was insightful and creative and her expertise was so appreciated.
As a retired minister, I know how important this special wedding day is in our lives. My daughter GLOWED in her gown — perfect cut, design, fabric, shade of ivory. She accepted Maggie’s offer to work together to design a sash to personal the dress and they’ll work together to design that. Maggie is wonderful — a real find! We wish you the same good fortune we had in finding her!”
Barbara, Leah’s mom, Mother-in-Law-to-be


David and Maggie BMoCA  “Your installation, exhibition, performance, and finished wedding dress were such wonderful additions of BMoCA’s 2013 exhibition calendar – and their/your memory will  be forever etched into BMoCA’s history.
You were such a pleasure to work with and your professionalism and  talent  has blown us all away. We will miss not having you in our Present Box and  hope you  will visit often. Best of luck in the future and congrats on a very successful  exhibition.”
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Staff


Maggie was a complete life-saver! After altering my dress beautifully and making some lovely additions to it, she also took this hideous veil that I had purchased on a whim and created EXACTLY what I had dreamed of. She really understands your vision and will work with you (even on a time crunch) to give you exactly what you want. I’ve been recommending her to every bride I know. Her own creations are also so beautiful and unique, I wish I had gone to her from the very beginning!

Emily Rowland


Carmen & C.W.-1329
“When trying to decide who to use for my bridal alterations I was concerned with price  as well as finding someone who’s focus was primarily working with bridal gowns. After  my first appointment with Maggie, I knew I had found the right alterations specialist. Her pricing  was very reasonable and she was calm and attentive. She listened to what I was looking for and was  able to offer knowledgable suggestions. She even went out of her way in helping to create an applique  from a sash that came with my dress. This added the perfect touch and my dress was gorgeous on my  wedding day. Thanks Maggie for your excellent work!”
                                                       Carmen Chatfield


photo 1

 “Thank you for everything! The dress looked gorgeous and fit like a glove. I feel lucky to have spent time with you.”

Erin Davidson





Bunny wedding 5   “The dress was loved by so many people. Thank you for being so patient with me.  It  was such a fun project and a lifetime memory. I’m so happy with how  it turned out–you  are so talented. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to  help promote Maggie  Evans Designs so that others may enjoy the same experience that  I did.”
Bunny Worthing




IMG_6436   “Maggie made for me the most wonderful, perfect wedding dress! I came to Maggie with a rough  vision, and with her creative sense of style and positive outlook she was able to  transform my vision to a dream come true. And we could not have had more fun working  together! She is super accommodating, and just a master seamstress! Thank you Maggie for custom  making a one-of-a-kind dress for me. And another thing about having Maggie make your dress is that  you know it’s going to fit GREAT! Maggie comes HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!

                                              Lisa Goode McHugh


Not only did Maggie do a wonderful job with the alterations on my wedding gown she did this in a CRAZY fast amount of time. She was able to get my alterations taken care of in only a couple of weeks and when I went back for my fitting the dress was perfect! Right there on the spot she was able to adjust my button for my bustle.  I was unbelievably impressed with her ability to work on the fly and work within my time limit. She is/was a pleasure to work with and I have spoken well about her and the shop that I had purchased my gown form.  I would recommend Maggie to anyone!!”


kimberly l.   “Maggie made my dress dreams come true! I purchased a gorgeous Nicole Miller wedding gown but  decided I wanted it a little more full at the bottom and taken in at the top. She did an amazing job  making the dress look exactly how I wanted. She also added a bustle and you couldn’t tell the dress  had been altered at all. Maggie has a calming sense about her which what such a relief in all the  craze of wedding planning. She was a pleasure to work with, affordable and I recommend her to  anyone!”

Kimberly Lorenzen

“Maggie was able to make the wedding dress “in my imagination” on a budget I could afford. I was nervous that all the time and personalized attention she put into my dress and my numerous fittings was going to cost more than I could afford. But she suggested alterations that were both figure-flattering and easy on the wallet. I would most definitely direct any nervous and cost-conscious bride to Maggie!”
Havilah Brodhead

     “When In was searching for a wedding dress, I went to several bridal shops and was disappointed by my stodgy experiences there, and then I met the amazing Maggie Evans. We immediately bonded, and I had a fantastic time form the beginning – and it was not stressful at all! She not only helped me relax, she designed the perfect wedding dress for me, at a very inexpensive price. Every single guest at my wedding loved my dress, and I loved it so much that we asked her to design all of the bridesmaids outfits as well. The bridesmaids all loved their outfits, and were delighted that they got to keep them and wear them again. I can’t recommend Maggie enough. If you are getting married, or having any sort of special occasion where you need just the right dress or outfit, hire Maggie. She is a true artist, she will make you look like a million bucks, and you’ll have fun at the same time!”

Lauren Barnard


photo 1    “I scheduled my first day of wedding dress shopping with my mom, my godmother, and my best friend to ensure it was as low-stress as possible. I told everyone I knew that I would not be buying a dress — that I would need to go shopping several times with different sets of friends, narrow down my options, and then eventually make a final decision (and due to my modest budget, I expected to have to buy a used version online).
We arrived at Maggie’s studio and immediately felt right at home in the quaint, feminine, and comfortable setting. I was impressed with the number of dresses and the variety she had on hand. Maggie and I chatted as she wanted to get a sense of what I was looking for, and then she pulled several; I had a few pictures and ideas, but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. She chose some that I think she could tell would match my personality.
We all absolutely fell in love with the second dress I tried on! A simple strapless dress in ivory silk shantung, it was everything I hadn’t known I wanted for our beach wedding. The material was absolutely stunning — and Maggie explained that she likes to work with real (not synthetic) materials. It had just enough structure to flatter my figure without being too much for a beach setting and without overpowering me or mismatching who I am. It was a little more than I had planned to spend, but still reasonable and actually not much more than I would spend finding a used dress online. And though I buy used clothes all the time, I was surprised to find that I really liked the idea that no one else would have worn this dress — that it wouldn’t have anyone else’s story other than my own. I never expected to do something custom, but that idea really resonated — and Maggie and I talked about how I could incorporate pieces of my mom’s and my grandma’s wedding dresses into a sash, which would be something I’d really treasure.
Maggie recommended we take pictures both indoors and outdoors so I could see how it looked in the sun (that never would have occurred to me). She also offered some ideas for how she could work with me to add a personal sash, customizing the dress for me. I tried on more dresses, and then this favorite dress again. All along the way Maggie conversed with us and we enjoyed hearing her story of being a lifelong seamstress and how much she enjoyed working with brides to create unique, personal dresses.
I had already made an appointment at a more traditional store, so we decided to head over there. I tried on more than 25 dresses, ALL of which cost more than the dress at Maggie’s — and all I could think with each one was how cheap and chinsy they felt and looked. They were all synthetic, scratchy, and I felt like I was wearing fancy trash bags. I tried on every silhouette I’d been curious about — and as the appointment went on, I became more and more certain that the dress at Maggie’s was the perfect dress for me. I think forever more I’ll be able to tell the difference between dresses made of fake, synthetic material and those made from natural fibers.
We all went to brunch to discuss…
*I would rather spend money on something made of a beautiful authentic natural fabric than something synthetic; 
*I’d rather spend money on something handmade and customized with personal touches than on a mass-manufactured piece of plastic; 
*I’d rather support a gifted artisan than a chain or importer;
*I’d rather work with someone who cares about the dress I wear (so much so that she thought of how to literally incorporate pieces from my mom and grandma) on what will be one of the most special days of my life than an hourly worker who didn’t remember my name by the end of the appointment.
So, without hesitation we went back to Maggie’s studio, I tried on the dress for a third time, and we purchased it!
I’ve watched enough episodes of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” to know that I had the most positive experience imaginable and I’m so grateful to Maggie for that. I told my mom the next day that it was one of the best days of my life.”

Maggie Evans Designs